Do you know what to do after receiving the resolution from Immigration Office approving your residency in Costa Rica?

Do you know what to do after receiving the resolution from Immigration Office approving your residency in Costa Rica? Part I

Once you have received your legal temporary residence approval resolution from the Immigration Department, you must read it carefully to complete any pending requirements established in the resolution, as well as to proceed with the following steps:

1. Enrollment with CCSS: You must go to the Costa Rican Social Security (CCSS) to obtain a social security number in the CR health care system. The mandatory monthly amounts are approximately US $400 for the investor or fixed annuity category and for the Pensioned or retiree Resident category, approximately US$ 115 per month; said amounts must be paid at the exchange rate in colones at the branch of the Costa Rican Social Security (CCSS) on the day of registration and after that monthly at any of the CCSS offices or through online banking with a CR bank.
Afterward, all dependents must submit the required documents before the assigned EBAIS (Basic Team for Comprehensive Health Care) to register and obtain the «carne» confirming registration or the social security dependent number.

2. Scheduling appointment: Call 1311 to schedule an appointment at Correos de Costa Rica or the nearest Immigration offices. Ensure you have your resolution handy; they will ask for detailed information. Via email, you will receive the appointment confirmation; please check all is accurate and note the date and time to avoid losing the appointment. Twenty-four hours before the scheduled appointment date, you must proceed with the payments of the guarantee deposit, the amounts indicated in the Residence Approval Resolution, and any other indicated by the Immigration representative during the appointment call and bring proof of those payments on the day of your appointment.

In the next post/email you will receive the following two steps. At GM Attorneys, we are more than willing to help and accompany you in this process; our specialized team can make receiving your DIMEX smooth process.

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