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Costa Rica Luxury Real

July, 2023

Costa Rica Luxury Real Estate during and post-pandemic era







During the pandemic, people sought refuge in secluded and secure locations. The pandemic prompted individuals and families to reassess their lifestyles and prioritize quality of life.
The desire for safe and secure locations, the rise of remote work, and attractive investment opportunities have driven the demand for luxury properties.

Costa Rica has had a hot and trending luxury real estate market during and after the pandemic, but why?

Costa Rica, known for its natural beauty, houses 5% world's biodiversity, welcoming environment, and stable economy and politics, has experienced a surge in demand for luxury real estate since the pandemic began.



Most luxury properties in Costa Rica feature eco-friendly designs, expansive outdoor spaces, and access to nature, offering a desirable living experience and, at the same time, catering to remote professionals by offering home office spaces, high-speed internet connectivity, modern amenities, time zone compatibility with major cities, and an excellent standard of living that attracts remote workers. Costa Rica approved favorable legislation to attract digital nomads and tax benefits for people who apply for CR residence as annuitants (fixed income), investors, or retirees (lifetime pension).
Costa Rica's long-standing political stability, no army since 1949, robust economy, and attractive investment climate have made it a favored destination for real estate investments.

Costa Rica has been considered for many years as the country with the highest happiness rate (Happy Planet Index) and has devoted substantial resources to investment in health and education. 

Luxury properties in Costa Rica offer the potential for capital appreciation and rental income, making them an appealing investment option.



Costa Rica's "Pura Vida" style emphasizes and aligns with the growing focus on a sustainable and healthy lifestyle, well-being, and opportunities for outdoor activities to contribute to a harmonious blend of work and leisure.

HNW and UHNW individuals seek a new future for their families in a secure, convenient, and beautiful destination. They have increased their interest in owning a luxury property in Costa Rica, either already built or estate lots to build their bespoke luxury homes. The luxury niche is generally less affected by uncertainty.

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