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Mandatory Disclosure with the Central Bank for 2019 and 2020

April, 2020

CR Tax office published on their webpage the list of corporations that didn't comply with the 2019 mandatory disclosure submission.
On April 16, 2020 the CR Tax office published the edict of warning and automatic extension of the additional period granted to corporations that haven't filed the 2019 mandatory disclosure form to provide information of their owners or final beneficiaries.
Starting April 17, 2020 those who have not complied, will have 6 additional business days to make their filing without the hefty fines or penalties.
At the end of the 6 days extension period, the Central Bank of Costa Rica will send the list of defaulters to the CR Tax Office, which will initiate the procedure to impose the corresponding sanctions and heft fines. 
If your corporation is behind, please proceed immediately to submit the 2019 mandatory form to avoid the hefty fines and sanctions.
If your corporation already submitted the 2019 form or it is in process to be submitted, please disregard this notification.

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