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Costa Rica and Covid: Condominium Guidelines Update

May, 2020

The Ministry of Health released on May 12, 2020, the updated version of the Guidelines for administrators, maintenance personnel, condominium owners, tenants, merchants and visitors of the condominium, please find enclosed a brief:

According to the government's declared State of Emergency, massive commercial and social events must be cancelled.

It is not permitted to use common recreational areas such as clubhouses, roof terraces, jacuzzies, gyms, BBQing areas, cinema rooms, massage rooms, event rooms, etc.
Gyms can function with a 25% capacity.

Green areas or sports fields may be used for non-contact sport activities. Social distancing must be observed.
Swimming pools can be used by residents of the same subsidiary, its uses will be described and regulated in the Protocols; which will be prepared by each particular Condominium and approved by the respective authority.
Constructions and repairs: These are permitted in both affiliated properties and common areas, provided that the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health regarding the necessary cleaning and hygiene measures are complied with.

In case of non-compliance with the measures regarding its use, the Administration or Administrative Board are authorized to restrict the use or impose new measures aimed at protecting the health of the people in the condominium.

Guidelines for homeowners and tenants
If you or any person within the condominium has symptoms associated with a respiratory disease, contact the administration, and follow the established course of action.

In the event that someone has a Sanitary Order issued by the Ministry of Health, he/she must abide by the following Guideline: Version 2- March 20, 2020. Guidelines and regulations for the domiciliary isolation of Costa Ricans, residents and diplomats who enter the country due to the Coronavirus health alert (COVID-19).
Maintain hand washing, sneezing and coughing protocols, and do not touch your face, all by way of prevention.
Social distancing measures promoted by the Ministry of Health are recommended, as well as staying home and avoiding physical contact.

It is recommended that everyone abide by the provisions of the administration on the use of common areas and the holding of social events, in accordance with the disposition of the Board of Directors.
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