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Digital Nomads Welcomed in Costa Rica

May, 2021

Workers and/or remote service providers may include their family, consisting of their spouse or partner, children or other members of their family, that will qualify to obtain the benefit.

To qualify as an eligible remote worker/service provider, the following requirements would need to be met:
Proof of stable monthly income, fixed income, or an average monthly income (over the past year) for an amount of at least $3,000.00 USD, or its equivalent.

 Obtain a health insurance policy that covers the applicant for the entire length of their stay in the country.
Make payment, for a single time, for the granting of a non-resident visa, such as Worker or Remote Service Provider.

Any other requirements included in the General Law on Immigration, Law No. 8764.

The fine print:
The scope of the revision would apply to the category of non-resident by adding a paragraph to Article 88, as noted above, which would create a new sub-category of 'Worker or Remote Service Provider'.  This category would be granted by the Directorate-General for Migration, through the provisions contained in Law No.  8764 of 19 August 2009; who as a government department will be responsible for receiving, processing and resolving applications to qualify for the benefits of this law, as well as to proceed with the cancellation of that migratory subcategory.
While this is currently awaiting a final vote in the Legislative Assembly, it is exciting news for both Costa Rica and foreigners ready to live the Pura Vida lifestyle.

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