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Digital Nomads: work remotely from the land of Pura Vida!

September, 2022

In the previous email we reminded you that Costa Rica approved Law 10,008 a year ago, known as the “Digital Nomads” law.
 We will give you more information about the dependent requirements and the process to follow to obtain this immigration status, in this email. 

The General Direction of Migration and Foreigners will be in charge of processing the applications and proceeding with the procedure to obtain this migratory subcategory. The procedure to follow for the submission of the application is the following:

  • The application must be submitted through the digital platform "Trámite ya," with the previously indicated requirements. Check the "Formularios según Trámite section" on this page to download the relevant forms depending on whether the applicant will submit the form online through the Tramite Ya digital platform: or in person using a physical form in the central or regional offices of the General Directorate of Immigration (DGEM).
  • Those who aim to apply with dependents, spouses, or children, must also submit a family group form.
  • When the application is submitted, the DGEM has 15 calendar days to issue a resolution approving or rejecting the request.



  • Within five business days from the application being submitted, the DGME will notify if there are pending requirements or request the applicant to provide clarifying or supplementary information. The applicant will have eight working days to complete or clarify their application.
  • Once the applicant submits all the requirements, the remainder of the administration's 15-calendar day period to issue a definitive resolution will begin to elapse.
  • If the application is rejected, the DGME will provide options for other migratory categories that better fit the applicant. The resolution allows the applicant to present a revocatory or amparo claim within the digital platform.
  • The DGME will be allowed to do background research on the applicant profile to verify their criminal and police background.
  • Once the application is approved, the applicant will have three months to process their immigration accreditation document. If the process is not completed within this period, procedures will be initiated to cancel the immigration status granted.

Costa Rican Tourism Institute, ICT, launched a website where you can find more detailed information about the benefits, requirements, and procedures to be followed to obtain the digital nomad condition. Please go to, and choose the "Things to Do" option followed by "Digital Nomads."




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